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Graphic Design & Production

Print, digital media and multi-media

Our friendly, knowledgeable, in-house graphic designers will hold your hand throughout the project.  That’s figuratively speaking you’ll be relieved to hear.  We endeavour to keep the same design team with every client, so that continuity and familiarity of the brand is maintained.

What we do:

  • produce graphic layouts, if given artwork elements and corporate guidelines
  • prepare layouts from a client’s own artwork elements
  • oversee the production of graphics and quality-control before installation

Event Signage

We can provide intelligent and creative solutions for interior and exterior event signs.


Looking for more than just standard graphic support? We also offer:

  • apps for iPad
  • enhanced powerpoint presentations
  • movie editing

Our graphic designers liaise directly with you — the client— so we get it straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak!)