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Exhibition Stand Builder

A Cost Effective Exhibition Stand Build


Expo, trade show, conference or outdoor event….we build and install for all. Looking for quality and value? We can manufacture close to the venue, and at the same time production is overseen by your UK Elevations Project Manager.  We have workshop facilities in the UK,  Poland, Dubai, Hong Kong and in several cities in North America. The same Elevations Project Manager who has worked on your project from the beginning, will be on site for final production, installation and handover. Of course there are times when we have to ship elements of a stand, or your literature, to a far flung corner of the world, but for that we’ve developed great working relationships with reliable shipping companies around the world.

You can see examples of work we are particularly proud of here.

Installation crew

Team at ILTM small a

Access to a venue before an event is extremely limited. In fact, most exhibition stands have to be unloaded and erected within a day. And when you consider that some stands are the size of a small apartment,  having an experienced team of fitters is clearly invaluable. We’ve been exhibition stand builders since 1986 and have fast, high-quality installation down to a fine art.