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Promotional Event Organiser

One-stop Shop for Promotional Campaign Events

Got a product to launch? Looking for a UK events company to support your promotional campaign? We’re experienced in organising a wide range of events, from shopping centre pop-ups to gala dinners.

Case Study

We recently supported Tourism Australia’s “Best Jobs in the World” promotion, which received over 300,000 entries.

The campaign in London was launched at Waterloo station, with Australian celebrities and a press photo opportunity. Our brief was to:

  • design and install a surf-shack on Waterloo Station concourse
  • submit H&S documents and technical drawings to the venue
  • supply a bikini model, life-guard, DJ and promo staff

Services we offer

  • venue hire
  • event design with 3D visualisation
  • permit applications
  • technical drawings
  • supply counters, graphics, walling, furniture, audio-visual
  • supply promo/hospitality staff
  • logistics and storage

Giant inflatable snow dome

A seasonal UK roadshow for Holiday Inn that targeted familiesĀ via a giant inflatable dome and a Christmas karaoke video app. As well asĀ a great photo opportunity, families could record their video and save it for personal use, or share on social media to enter the competition.

Elevations supplied

  • an inflatable snow dome
  • promo staff dressed as Elves
  • decorations
  • music
  • video editing
  • giveaways
  • prime spaces at shopping centres
  • all H&S documentation
  • logistics
  • install and dismantle crew