How to Construct a Festival Feature Arch

As part of our work at Taste Festival last month, we were contracted to design and build two giant entrance arches for the Thailand Garden.

Thailand Garden arch at Taste London constructed by Elevations

The statutory design process involved wind calculations and rather strangely – for  a summer festival – snow loading calculations. Exactly how much snow could these arches tolerate?

Construction of feature arches at Taste London by Elevations

The arches were manufactured in pieces and transported to site by artic truck. Each piece had to be fork-lifted through Regent’s Park and assembled by a strong crew without the luxury of a crane.  50 sandbags and stakes were used to secure the arch to the ground and the final structure was signed off by an independent structural engineer.  Although pre-painted at the workshop, the feature received a touch-up coat of paint on site before vinyl logos were applied. Once ornamental gravel was added to planters, the arches began to blend into the festival landscape: acting as a beacon for festival-goers searching for the best in Thai refreshments.

Thailand arches at Taste London constructed by Elevations

Elevations constructs feature arch at Taste Festival in London

Fortunately it didn’t snow.

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